Portfolio of Robert Egnacheski

UX (User Experience) / UI (User Interface), Programming, Media Production

What I Do

Please feel free to visit my portfolio and check out the projects that I have worked on. I decided to use Adobe Portfolio which is a very user friendly solution.

How I Do It

  • Research Website Analytical User & Device Data, Persona & User Journy Development
  • Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • HTML / CSS (LESS & SASS) / JavaScript (jQuery) / PHP
  • Marketing Design - Logos, Graphics, Landing Pages, Motion Graphics & Video Editing
  • Adobe, Apple and Open Source Products

Hobbies / Interests

  • Nature - Hikes & Relaxing near the Water
  • Art - Drawing, Painting & Crafting, Photography, Videography, Creating
  • Food - Cooking, Food Prep & Gardening
  • Games - from NES to the Switch, Arcade, Board, Mobile, Pinball
  • Music - Listening, Playing, Writing, Recording, Engineering

Projects & Brands

I have had the honor of working with some well known brands on various projects.

Projects & Brands Continued

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