Netflix DVD now Qwikster

I am an avid user of Netflix Streaming and I don’t subscribe to the DVD mailing service anymore.

Netflix DVD is now Qwikster, which makes no difference to me. I was thinking of using the DVD service again the past few weeks. The name change makes no difference to me.

New TV and BluRay Player

Well, as time goes on, technology always seems to amaze me. Last time I bought a TV was about 4 years ago, a Samsung 32″, 720, 60mhz. Recently my girlfriend and I picked up an Insignia TV and Samsung BluRay player. The TV is 42″, 1080 and 120mhz which looks great when watching BluRay, Netflix or while watching HD TV channels. Speaking of Netflix, the Samsumg BluRay player has an ethernet port and Netflix App which is great! I was told by that the Insignia TVs are built by Best Buy in the LG factory. My only complaint is that there is only 1 rca / component input, other than that, great TV and BluRay player for the price(s).


For some reason I always end up doing updates on this site the 1st of every month. I have been working on a cartoon site lately, as well as some freelance work like house renderings, media prints, live music videos, websites and widgets with some new friends.