Dexpot – A great Mac OS X Spaces App for Windows

I favor Mac, though in some situations I need to use a Windows machine. I really rely on the Spaces App in Mac OS X for sectioning off my different projects I am currently working on, email in one space, iTunes in another as well as any other random tasks I need to perform.

Dexpot on Windows works very similar to Mac OS X Spaces, though it is not a complete clone and some functions work a bit differently.

Overall, if you like using Spaces on the Mac, you should enjoy Dexpot.

You can download this free utility at

HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery

Here are some great resources and tools for Web Designers / Developers-

Exposed Gaming and Application Code

I used to make games in Flash ActionScript years ago and want to get back into game making. One concern I have from working with technologies that allow a “view source” option from the user-end, is that code would then be available for any competitor to use.

I am not sure Flash is the best option these days, using jQuery seems ideal with the exception of code being readily available for anyone to inspect or “grab”. #pastemonkeys

Moving on, it may be best for me to pick up some Java and C++ (where the big boys play). I am really excited to creating a gaming concept as well as sprites, then apply it to multiple platforms and App stores such as iPhone, Android, Desktops, Web Browsers and more.


For some reason I always end up doing updates on this site the 1st of every month. I have been working on a cartoon site lately, as well as some freelance work like house renderings, media prints, live music videos, websites and widgets with some new friends.