My Top 5 Best and Worst Video Game Controllers

Top 5 Best

  1. Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

    This controller is revolutionary, having 3 configurations / ways to play!

  2. Playstation DualShock Controller

    This controller feels like a refined and upgraded version of the Super Nintendo controller. This controller vibrates and fit well in hands. For 1997, this was a fantastic controller.

  3. Nintendo Wii Wiimote / Nunchuck

    Revolutionary, being able to be used in different configurations also has motion control and built in speaker.

  4. Xbox One Controller

    Smooth and wireless!

  5. Super Nintendo Controller

    2 new front buttons and 2 new should buttons, compared to the original Nintendo.

Top 5 Worst

  1. Sega Dreamcast Controller

    Big, bulky, few buttons and the cable attatched at the bottom. No, just no. Now wonder this was Sega’s last console system.

  2. Xbox (The Original)

    Big, bulky, awkward black and white buttons, odd logo treatment in a bubble.

  3. Nintendo 64 Controller

    This controller is awkward to hold and look at.

  4. Atari Paddle Controller

    Spin the wheel and use the one button.

  5. Any Guitar Hero or Rockband Controller (Guitar or Drums)

    Really hard to play if you play real instruments.

Dexpot – A great Mac OS X Spaces App for Windows

I favor Mac, though in some situations I need to use a Windows machine. I really rely on the Spaces App in Mac OS X for sectioning off my different projects I am currently working on, email in one space, iTunes in another as well as any other random tasks I need to perform.

Dexpot on Windows works very similar to Mac OS X Spaces, though it is not a complete clone and some functions work a bit differently.

Overall, if you like using Spaces on the Mac, you should enjoy Dexpot.

You can download this free utility at

HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery

Here are some great resources and tools for Web Designers / Developers-

Mac OS X Lion Upgrade

I have always pre-ordered Apple / Mac OS X so that I could install on the release date. It was exciting to get the package in the mail, fire up the Mac(s) and start the installation. With Lion, it is an all digital / online upgrade from the App Store. This is the first time Apple has offered a new OS as a download rather than a box and disc.

With the OS being an install from the internet /App store, I was very hesitant to upgrade right away. A few weeks after the release, I decided to upgrade my 5 year-old MacBook to Lion. All went smooth for the install, no freezes or issues at all. For this OS and the last, Apple has only charged $30 to upgrade, rather than $130. : )

After testing on my laptop for about a month, I was confident to upgrade my 27″iMac, which is my main work station. For the most part, Lion is a great improvement, though I do have a few complaints…

Power PC applications are no longer supported. This means I can no longer run my Microsoft Office 2003 Suite. It is probably time to upgrade my MS Office Suite anyways, and I do understand that Apple would need to drop Power PC support at some point, to keep the OS efficient. Overall this is more of an improvement and not so much a complaint, rather just and annoyance for now.

The only other issue I have with Lion is that Mission Control has replaced Expose and has not impressed me at all and in fact slowed down my work process a bit. In Expose, you could see all of your “spaces / desktops” and drag windows between any of them. Now in Mission Control, you can only drag from the last desktop you were on, to others, not from any desktop to any other desktop. This has been quite a downgrade in my opinion.

Launchpad is a nice feature, copied from iOS and also the built in Facetime App is much appreciated. Over all, I would say the $30 upgrade is worth it, though the Mission Control needs much improvement.


For some reason I always end up doing updates on this site the 1st of every month. I have been working on a cartoon site lately, as well as some freelance work like house renderings, media prints, live music videos, websites and widgets with some new friends.