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Customizable CSS / jQuery Spinner v0.2

This was a fun use of CSS and jQuery to create a random spinner / loader animation. It can be customized to your liking or you can just reload and watch the next randomness that generates.

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First iBooks Release (Children’s Book): What is that Letter?

Written by Robert J. Egnacheski, the book uses a few illustrations on each page with items associated with the letter for each page. Bonus quiz at the end to help the young reader test their knowledge. You can buy the … Continue reading

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New Portfolio version 11 Website Launched!

I decided to make a mobile friendly portfolio site. I have not updated the site in quite awhile, so I took my time and used the bootstrap framework and used a completely new URL structure. I also added many new … Continue reading

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Font Tag Size Comparisons

Recently I ran into some issues coding templates for Craigslist. This document helps break down the Font Size comparisons for those who still need to use the font tag is some instances. The Font tag has been depreciated in HTML5. … Continue reading

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Video: Verissimo Global

Freelance Project: This is a new video for a veteran staffing company.

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What Steve Jobs Means to Me

I started using computers in the mid-1980′s when my parents bought a Tandy 1000 from Radio Shack. At the time I had no clue how much computers would evolve and that Tandy was also a leather company. Using the Tandy … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 Announcement tomorrow?

I am eager to see what the next iPhone offers for features. I would like voice controls, Facetime over 3G / phone network as well as Apps to run more efficiently and not get hung up on loading data from … Continue reading

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Facebook vs Google+

A week into the public, Google plus still has yet to “wow” me. Hangouts is cool. Google itself is very useful. Not many people seem to be using Google+ which makes the experience less interesting. Time will tell how Google+ … Continue reading

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Microsoft Xbox TV

I am a big fan of Xbox, which is getting a TV feature later this year. This will feature on-demand, as well as live offers such as news, sports and your favorite channels. I am looking forward to see how … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows 8 is coming

The touched based, streamlined tablet experience of Windows 8 will be quite interesting. I like the simplistic style of the Start screen and containers. Looking forward to checking it all out.

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