Technology and Patience

As technology gets faster and competition grows, individual and corporate expectations grow as well.

Everyday is a race to get ahead. Everyday web-users browse the Internet and refuse to realize how easy things are on the web.

To look at a webpage and review the content, writing or design, does not require a web developer degree. I really think a lot of people use excuse themselves from reviewing webpage content, because they feel like only a web developer can review text and images.

Reviewing a webpage’s overall content and message is not much different than looking at a printed article design. Looking at a webpage and creating notes about it are really a simple task that has nothing to do with HTML, PHP or any of that crazy web stuff.

Reviewing content isn’t the most fun thing, but must be done, as designers and developers don’t always fully understand a business model or plan, which makes it a great idea for anyone who can login to Facebook or email to actually review and take some notes about a webpage.

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