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Facebook vs Google+

A week into the public, Google plus still has yet to “wow” me. Hangouts is cool. Google itself is very useful. Not many people seem to be using Google+ which makes the experience less interesting. Time will tell how Google+ … Continue reading

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Microsoft Xbox TV

I am a big fan of Xbox, which is getting a TV feature later this year. This will feature on-demand, as well as live offers such as news, sports and your favorite channels. I am looking forward to see how … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows 8 is coming

The touched based, streamlined tablet experience of Windows 8 will be quite interesting. I like the simplistic style of the Start screen and containers. Looking forward to checking it all out.

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Technology and Patience

As technology gets faster and competition grows, individual and corporate expectations grow as well. Everyday is a race to get ahead. Everyday web-users browse the Internet and refuse to realize how easy things are on the web. To look at … Continue reading

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Buying Music

I have always been a huge fan of music. Starting with LPs and EPs I borrowed from the library as a kid, up to the multiple digital formats. Audio cassettes were good, CDs are great and digital music files in … Continue reading

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Netflix DVD now Qwikster

I am an avid user of Netflix Streaming and I don’t subscribe to the DVD mailing service anymore. Netflix DVD is now Qwikster, which makes no difference to me. I was thinking of using the DVD service again the past … Continue reading

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Dexpot – A great Mac OS X Spaces App for Windows

I favor Mac, though in some situations I need to use a Windows machine. I really rely on the Spaces App in Mac OS X for sectioning off my different projects I am currently working on, email in one space, … Continue reading

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So Google+ is Live / Public and Facebook Rolls out a New Layout (Yet Again)

Google+ going live seems a few weeks overdue. Not looking forward to another FB UI update.

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HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery

Here are some great resources and tools for Web Designers / Developers- HTML 5 Design Gallery - HTML 5 Temp Generator - Default for HTML 5 - Open-Source JS Lib - JS Lib - Framing Tool - CSS Tool - … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Lion Upgrade

I have always pre-ordered Apple / Mac OS X so that I could install on the release date. It was exciting to get the package in the mail, fire up the Mac(s) and start the installation. With Lion, it is … Continue reading

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